#FoodFact – Calamari


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I love seafood. Don’t you?

There is just something about it which reminds me of the sun, sand and sea. And who doesn’t like this combination?

Let’s talk today about Squid, one of my recent favourites in this category.


Calamari is actually the culinary name for squid, especially in Mediterranean cuisine. Squid as a food is eaten all around the world from the US to Korea, Mediterranean to New Zealand.

You can eat it raw as done in Korea or have it covered in batter and fried. There are a lot of ways you can prepare this actually. My personal favourite has to be the latter. It’s the sweet and sour version that we get in restaurants around here and I love that as well.


Did you know that squids are a great source of amino acids? Not only that it also provides a number of essential vitamins and minerals. But what is perhaps the food fact I want to highlight in this post is something else.

Squid has been found to have one of the lowest Mercury content among seafood.

And why is this important? Because with the increase in pollution the mercury content in fishes and seafood is rising making it a health concern. But with squid, we need not be worried.

So, next time you have Calamari, do remember this.


This post in part of the #Foodfact series. Check the previous post here.



6 thoughts on “#FoodFact – Calamari

  1. That’s an interesting fact! Thanks for sharing. I love fishes but beyond that, prawns cause a bit of allergy so I have tried to stay away from others. Squids – I have had but not really developed a taste. Complicated, isn’t it. 😉


  2. I just havent gotten my palate acclimatised to seafood as I suffer from the “weird” fishy smell that leaps out to me everytime; in every kind of sea/freshwater food
    This just looks weird to me by looks and I wouldnt dare attempt it anyways 😉


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