Chicken Roast & Some Thoughts

It has been quite some time since I posted something on this blog. Truth be told, a lot of upheaval at work and health issues are to blame for it. The past two months haven’t been good in terms of health for either me or my daughter. Added to that the peculiar pressure of certain aspects at work, left no time for this blog. In spite of that, I still could have managed a post or two, perhaps. But, to be completely honest with you, I just didn’t have anything “foodie” to share. And so I didn’t. There’s no point forcing a post, is it? But I’m back now and hopefully, I’ll be able to make time and also have food stories to share.

The past ten days have been relatively good in terms of my family’s health. Relatively, I say, because M has shown some signs of fever again today. So, fingers crossed. Anyways, with things almost back to normal, we decided to just have a relaxed evening at home last Saturday.

A relaxed evening for us translates into a movie, some good food and some drinks. Though it has been ages since I have had any alcoholic drink, I was even looking forwards to some cranberry juice this time around just to relax. Yes, that’s how much we needed it, how much I needed it. For the food, though, it had to be chicken. Chicken and special occasions always go together for us. But this time, I wanted to roast the bird instead of making a curry. So, like always, I reached out to Tina for help. And she was quick to revert as usual.

I love her recipes because I find it easy to follow them. And this one too was not different. So, following her recipe, I made some Roasted Chicken this weekend and I must say, it tasted good.

Of course, with me in the kitchen, there is bound to be some adjustments here and there. Firstly, the husband brought the bird home in pieces instead of one whole. Secondly, we forgot to get some lemon. Cringe worthy mistakes? No, not really, because when I decide to have some roast chicken, I make sure I have some roast chicken.

I had all the other ingredients and went ahead with roasting anyways. This time I wasn’t even worried that it won’t taste good. And I was right. So, this was all about another one of my (mis)adventures in the kitchen.

This is how it looked. Do follow Tina for more interesting recipes.


Do you love roasted chicken? If you do, which is your go-to recipe for it?




7 thoughts on “Chicken Roast & Some Thoughts

  1. I love the confidence with which you set out to do things, Nabanita. Kitchen adventures are meant for the weekends…the only foolproof way of mastering the culinary science is to keep going at it. so wish you all the luck as you keep trying new recipes on the go. Btw, the roast looks mouthwateringly good 😀

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  2. I often make do with something else while cooking but when following a recipe, I prefer to keep all ingredients at hand. Hope M is feeling better. Great to see you cooking. And I am sure all the experiments in the kitchen must be fun. 🙂

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  3. Thank you so much Naba. Its great to see you cooking. Food made with love is bound to taste good. And chicken roast is probably one of the easiest roasts you can make. Thanks a ton for all the niec words you write about me.

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