#FoodForThought – Chicken Curry



A Sunday Lunch of Chicken Curry and Rice is more than just Lunch. It is my childhood and my memories.


Well, what can I say, there is just something special about Sundays when Chicken Curry is on the menu. Though hailing from a Bengali Family we always had a few vegetarian dishes and at least one or two fish curries on the menu every single day, our Sundays were incomplete without a chicken or a mutton curry added to the list. So, you see how even now, a simple chicken curry becomes more than just a meal for me, especially on Sundays.


What’s your Chicken Curry and Rice on Sundays?


#FoodForThought – 3

This post is one from the Food for Thought series on my blog, a food or a drink accompanied by a foodie thought. I hope you like it. Find the first post of the #FoodForThought Series here.

9 thoughts on “#FoodForThought – Chicken Curry

  1. We always had a Sunday dinner when I was a kid but I don’t have particularly warm memories of them for some reason… So my own Sunday meal for me and hub has become slow-cooked belly pork on a bed of shredded red cabbage, cooked for about six hours….


  2. Idli and Dosa used to be our Sunday special and Mutton too sometimes.
    I wish chicken these days tasted as good as the ones I had as a child. Those were the desi variety. It’s one of my favorite dish when I visit my Mom’s village.
    Now, I have given up on chicken… hasn’t it become too rubbery 😦


  3. Before marriage it always used to be an elaborate Sunday lunch with atleast five dishes on the menu with atleast two non-veg ones, Fish curry and fish fry with rice, dal and papad was my favorite Sunday meal.

    Since Cal is a vegetarian and I do not cook meat at home, Sundays are about a full veg meal for us. Right from the dry vegetable to a sambhar to a rasam to a payasam.


  4. Oh, yes, Sunday lunch has been/will always be special. Growing up, our traditional meal was chicken curry on almost every Sunday, as part of a regular five course lunch, (shukto, shaak, and dal with bhaja being a must) included. When I think of it now, Ma used to do so much cooking, and food was always served on time, delicious as ever, no matter what! I doubt if I can even do one quarter of what she used to do!


  5. When I was growing up, we always had roast mutton (grown on our farm) with lots of roast vegetables (also all grown on our farm) for Sunday lunch. These days, we don’t, and so I don’t really have an equivalent. Chicken curry on rice would be perfect, but I’d have difficulty deciding on a different curry. These days, I eat chicken curry (alternating between various Thai and Indian curries) on Monday evenings!


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