Do You Love Breakfast Buffets?

Nabanita Dhar


There are a number of things I love about vacations and holidays. The laid back pace, the freedom from daily routine, break from daily chores to name a few. And the food, of course. Well, the breakfast buffet specifically.

I don’t know what it is but the prospect of walking up and down the buffet, filling my plate to finally enjoy it with a cup of piping hot tea, fills me with unparalleled joy. It’s one of the purest forms of joy too, I must add. Sitting at a table with mouthwatering food on a plate, the sea breeze gently caressing you or the mountains looking back at you. There is just something special about those breakfasts and those mornings.

Perhaps, not having to prepare any of the items is one of the main reasons why I love it so much. No standing in the kitchen cutting, chopping or cooking. None of those at all, just the plain joy of eating without having to bother if the maid would turn up to wash the utensils.  Or, wonder now that breakfast is done what about lunch? There is nowhere to rush. Nothing important to do. Just the plain and simple joy of eating, savouring every morsel and every sip.Yes, these certainly are the reasons why I love breakfast buffets on a holiday. They mark the start of my eventfully uneventful day. Makes sense?

Actually, the one thing I insist upon while booking hotels is to check the reviews about their food, their buffet spread particularly, if possible. Well, what can I say, I might hate making breakfast but that doesn’t mean I don’t like eating some.

From sausages to croissants, dosa to poori sabji, everything suddenly tastes better when on the buffet craving for my attention. I even eat things I normally don’t. Someone like me who more or less skips breakfast every alternate day is suddenly drawn towards the  charm and importance of breakfast as a meal. And I don’t even know why. It’s not like I would be skipping lunch or dinner later in the day and so breakfast is for stocking up, though how would that work I have no clue. But some people actually do that, you know. Anyways. The point is every meal seems so much more appealing while on a holiday and breakfast just assumes the most importance for me. It signals the beginning of a peaceful and laid back day, just how I love it.

I think some of my happiest moments while on a break are during breakfasts. It could be just the food or my joy at not having to prepare any of it, but the fact is I just love buffet breakfasts on holidays.

What about you? Do you love buffet breakfasts too?







15 thoughts on “Do You Love Breakfast Buffets?

  1. You’ve spoken my thoughts! That is exactly what I love most about holidays too – waking up whenever I feel like, no breakfast to make, no lunch to pack, no laundry to load – bliss! Breakfast buffets are definitely a highlight of any vacation – destination no bar!

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  2. Breakfast buffets? I just love buffets. They are so fun. Eat what you want, how ever much you want and keep on eating 😉
    Coming over to breakfast buffets, in July I was in Chennai for a conference and we stayed at ITC Chola. Reviews suggest that the breakfast buffet there is the most lavish ever. And trust me, no one wanted to head to the conference. 😉

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  3. I love breakfast buffets! The lavish spread and interesting variety every day is such a pleasure. Even though my breakfasts at home are simple and quick – a bowl of cereal or a toast – on vacation, I love the indulgence of a lavish spread!


  4. Oh I love love love breakfast buffets and any other buffets at holiday resorts etc! The lavish spread at all meals and the knowledge that I need not bother about preparing any of these gives me a joy I can’t express in words!
    And, I am reading your post now, at 11:30 pm, and reading about the ,mouth-watering dishes you mentioned here, I am hungry again!
    That was a truly yummy post, Nabanita! 😛


  5. You echo my thoughts about breakfast buffets. I simply love the wide spread of dishes and love to have it at leisurely pace. While at home, eating breakfast at 8-30-9 am is too early for me. When traveling, I am cool about eating breakfast at 6.30 am too.


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