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Chinese is probably among the top 3 of my favourite cuisines. There’s just something about it which makes the glutton in me happy, really happy. Such is my love for this cuisine that I cannot pick just one dish as my favourite. Is it Chilly Chicken or Schezwan Chicken or something else altogether, I don’t know! What I also love about Chinese food is that it is a truly global cuisine. You can go anywhere in the world and there’ll always be a Chinese Deli around. Even when there’s nothing to eat, there’s always Chinese.

Kung Pao Chicken

It is a Sichuan dish which is basically a stir fry with chicken, peanuts, vegetables and peppers.

(You can find out more here.)

I must admit I heard about it for the first time on the popular TV show, the Big Bang Theory and finally got around to trying it at Tim Tai.

The verdict?

Well, I absolutely loved this dish. So, today’s food fact is on this very Chinese dish.


Did you know that this dish is actually named after an official, actually Governor of the Sichuan province? The official was called Ding Baozhen and his title was Gongbao which is Kung Pao in Chinese and hence the derivation of the name.

Interesting, isn’t it?

I was actually watching a travel show last week when I found out about this. And a little research on the internet proved it’s true. So, the next time you are eating Kung Pao Chicken, think about this.

Tell me, do you like Kung Pao Chicken?






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