#FoodFact – Eclairs

  © Nom Nom with Naba Desserts or sweets, love them or hate them, we all have them. Did you know that in French Cusine, meals ended with what was called an issue de table which only changed into desserts towards the very end of the late middle ages? Imagine going to a restaurant and ordering an issue de table. Interesting, isn't it?  … Continue reading #FoodFact – Eclairs


#FoodFact – Kung Pao Chicken

  © Nom Nom with Naba   Chinese is probably among the top 3 of my favourite cuisines. There's just something about it which makes the glutton in me happy, really happy. Such is my love for this cuisine that I cannot pick just one dish as my favourite. Is it Chilly Chicken or Schezwan Chicken or something … Continue reading #FoodFact – Kung Pao Chicken