#FoodForThought – Shirley Temple Run



Shirley Temple Run @ Fisherman’s Warf, Bangalore
© Nom Nom with Naba

Sometimes a simple drink is all you need to restart your day.

It was Shirley Temple Run for me this weekend, a mocktail since I’m still nursing my daughter. But otherwise, what I wouldn’t have done for a Margarita.

Tell me, what’s that one drink which always manages to change your mood on a not so good day?


With this post, I start a new feature on my blog, Food for Thought, a food or a drink accompanied by a foodie thought. I hope you like it.


9 thoughts on “#FoodForThought – Shirley Temple Run

  1. I love you for reminding me of a Shirley Temple! One of the oldest memories I have was sitting in an Italian restaurant with my parents and sister and we ordered Shirley Temples that came from the bar. I felt so grown up. I still don’t drink alcohol so I guess it didn’t do too much harm feeling glamorous at 4. Wild Cherry Pepsi is my “feel good” beverage of choice. (Even though I feel tired, irritable, and lousy afterwards.)

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