#RestaurantReview – Tim Tai

To say that I like Chinese, Thai and Asian food would be to say that the sun rises in the east. Yes, an obvious and universal truth that really doesn’t have to be spoken out loud. Well, at least to those who know me.

Having grown up in Shillong which, trust me, has some of the best Chinese food in the country, finding one here has not been less than a mission. From Mainland China to Beijing Bites, I had tried every obvious  joint here only to be left disappointed or wanting more. Something was always missing. Would I never be able to find a good Chinese restaurant or deli? That’s how it looked and it wasn’t a happy prospect for a foodie like me.

But then almost as an answer to my prayers came Tim Tai. Well, okay, I didn’t really pray for it but you get the idea. Honestly, I have never been happier about a restaurant opening in the city before this one. Yes, it is that good.

2014 was the first time I set foot into this Asian Deli, only to go back over and over again after that.





Tim Tai has a very pleasant decor. Pastel shades used extensively in the restaurant make it a very comfortable space to be in. Then there is also a tree in the middle of the restaurant. In fact, there is a table around it and you can actually sit there and eat. I call it the tree of life because in some way that adds to the life of that space. So, in the ambience department, Tim Tai is sure to not leave you wanting more.


There are Chinese and Asian restaurants and then there is Tim Tai. There are restaurants which specialise in Chinese food and then there is Tim Tai. Let’s just say that the Chefs of Tim Tai know what they are doing. Not once in all my visits have I ever felt the need to complain about the taste, quantity or the quality of food. And that’s really something because I sure can complain as is evident from my visit to Yauatcha.


I like the variety they offer in their Menu, not too much but not to limited in choice either. From their dim sum  menu , I had the Chicken wrapped in Pak Choi with Szechwan Sauce this time and I loved it. The taste and the quality as well do not disappoint.

Soups, Satays, Meals which include a choice of curries served with Asian Salad and rice/noodles/fried rice, stir fries, noodles, fried rice and desserts, their menu has something for everyone. I always tend to go for the stir fries and a noodle or fried rice.

When it comes to soup, I tend to stick to my favourite which in the case of Tim Tai, or any other restaurant for that matter, is either Sweet Corn or Clear Soup. But my sister loves to experiment and having been to Tim Tai with her more than anyone else, I have also tried Tom Kha and the Hot & Sour soup there. Again, all true to their name and as they should have been prepared.

Kung Pao Chicken with burnt chillies, Bell Pepper and Cashew Nuts is one of my all time favourites. Their Prawns with Mushroom, Bell Pepper, Chilli & Basil is another dish you could give a try. Again, I must apologise as I haven’t tried any vegetarian dish there. But judging from their non-vegetarian preparations, I would say you can take a leap of faith in that department as well.

Not being that much of a dessert person, ordering sweets is mostly dependent on my mood. Still, you could try their Blueberry Mousse Cake and Tiramisu Cup. Both shouldn’t disappoint you.


If you love Chinese, no Asian food, then Tim Tai is the place to be in Bangalore. Probably, that’s the reason why there is so much of a rush every day. It is recommended to book your table in advance or you might end up waiting for a while. And if you haven’t reserved a table, then the best time to be there is just when the restaurant opens for business. Trust me, it is so popular that you might actually not find a seat if you just walk in.



So, tell me which is your favourite Asian Restaurant, why and in which city? 


The Nom Nom Scale

Food: 4/5

Ambience: 4/5

Cost: Rs. 1500 – Rs. 1800 for 2 approximately

Pocket-Friendly: 3.5/5

Service: 3.5/5

Worth visiting: Absolutely.

Tim Tai Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Bon Appetite!




19 thoughts on “#RestaurantReview – Tim Tai

  1. I love Chinese food. Being a vegetarian limits my choices just a bit but I can get enough to satisfy myself. Maybe one day I will be in Bangalore and will get a chance to try this restaurant.

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  2. A tree in the middle of the restaurant? That would be cool!
    I haven’t gone out to eat at an Asian restaurant (yet). The only brush I’ve had with it is the Manchurian Rice in the college canteen 😀 *runs away*
    I hope it comes to Mumbai too. Or is it in Mumbai already?

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  3. I have heard such awesome reviews about Tim Tai and I am glad you echo the same feedback. I have been meaning to go there for a long time. I just feel that it’s more expensive than a value conscious customer like me would prefer. 🙂

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  4. Another family favourite. Was there recently, a couple of weeks back with family and friends. My son absolutely loves the tree and insists we sit facing it so we can admire the lovely ambience. But the best part is the food which is simply great. My first choice for anything Asian! Tim Tai, it’s got to be!!

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  5. In my hometown Kannur in kerala, this restaurant would be Chifonets. We have been going there for over a decade and I can honestly say their food is better than 90% of the 5 star restaurants I’ve been to in my life.
    Best Chinese food ever 🙂
    You should compile this list as the end of your post… would be awesome to come back and see it when we need it


  6. I liked the fact that there is a tree as part of the ambience around which people can sit and eat. There was a time when I loved Chinese food but as a vegetarian all it meant for me was noodles, Manchurian and fried rice. Now I am a pizza person. Since I don’t like going out of home, getting struck in the traffic, struggling to find a place for parking the car (which I am pathetic at) in the event of reaching the restaurant, I prefer home delivery and that means Dominos. And then I have the offspring who says he does not like restaurant food but only likes home cooked food apart from pizzas.


  7. Love Tim Tai. Added bonus, it’s walkable distance from my home.
    I sometimes get annoyed with how noisy it gets, but if you have good food in front of you, everything else ceases to matter.
    Your detailed reviews are such a treat to read, and I love the fact that you are very clear and honest about your views.
    This was a nice read, like all your posts I read are:)

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  9. Great post, I’d really enjoy dining at Tim Tai I’m sure! I’d particularly love to try the Prawns with Mushroom, Bell Pepper, Chilli & Basil! My favourite Asian restaurant is Hoppers in Soho, London – it has really delicious Sri Lankan cuisine.


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