A Cake, Bake & Birthday Story

As a little girl, I remember my mother baking cakes on our birthdays. It was something special, the aroma of cakes and cupcakes teasing our senses while we waited in anticipation. There is something about homemade cakes, they trump even those from the finest of patisseries. I guess all the love and affection that goes into the baking make the difference. So, this time on the husband’s birthday, I decided to bake him a simple chocolate cake.

Baking, yes, believe it or not, I decided to give it a shot. I have baked cakes before, simple cakes, I should add. And more or less, they never turned out to be disasters. So, I had all the confidence I needed to try one more time.

Now, the husband actually runs away from celebrations of any kind on birthdays. He hates being in the spotlight, so much so that he doesn’t even tell me what he wants as a gift. But I couldn’t just let him have it his way, could I? It was his birthday after all which in husband-wife universe meant it was my birthday too. So, there had to at least be a cake which I would bake, followed by a lunch or dinner at a good restaurant (read – a restaurant of my choice). And that’s what we eventually ended up doing.

Baking Misadventure

Well, there is something you need to know about me. Sometimes while cooking, or in this case baking, I have this weird compulsion to do something which I perhaps shouldn’t. A voice from deep down tells me to experiment, sometimes too much. I never follow measurements because my hands automatically add more or skip few ingredients entirely. I don’t know why but I go on this complete crazy overdrive and there’s no turning back. Sometimes the results turn out great, sometimes average while at times what I have in front of me is nothing short of a disaster. When the latter happens, the dish in question is either beyond salvaging or, if I’m lucky enough, somewhat edible.

This time around the baking experiment ended up into a disaster of the second kind. Disaster because I set the temperature too high. Instead of setting the oven to 180 Degrees which is the setting I always use for baking, this time, I set it to 220! And the rest, as the say, is history ruin.




The cake as you can see was unevenly baked, a little too much around the edges and centre. It was somewhat dry too. The saving grace though was that it was still edible and the husband loved it anyways (read – pretended to love). Well, I guess, next time I need to control these urges of mine which cause more damage than success.

Restaurant Hopping Please

With the cake out of the way, it was time for the birthday lunch. For that, we went to Fisherman’s Wharf on his birthday and on the next day, we went to GAD – Taj Gateway. Yes, well, it was a long weekend and after my cake, we needed to go out two days in a row.

We love Fisherman’s Wharf, it is probably our current favourite restaurant. It’s proximity to our home is another reason why we prefer going there. Also, the ambience is wonderful, always. Every time we go there we come back happy, satisfied and refreshed.

We had been to GAD on New Year’s eve 2014 and loved the experience. In fact, we have been wanting to go back ever since. True to the brand that TAJ is, we had a great dining experience there as well.

I’ll do a review of both on the blog soon. For now, I can only say that both the birthday lunches were great. We had a great time and the food was good too.


Cake 1


So, there, that was my cake, bake & birthday story.

What’s going on in your food universe?

Nom Nom





14 thoughts on “A Cake, Bake & Birthday Story

  1. Baking is just not my cup of tea. I just don’t seem to get it right, hence after multiple tries have actually given up. And as you have mentioned, the smell of a freshly baked cake wafting through the air brings about fond memories of my childhood, where I had this neighbor who would bake yummy stuff for me. 😉

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  2. Oh, but that’s okay Naba. I’m scared of baking cakes. I tried once when I was a teen. I still remember how the disaster was! I hence haven’t even bought a microwave now 😛
    But glad that you had a great weekend 🙂

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  3. I love baking ! The one rule to get a perfect cake is , stick to the measurements and method/directions!;))))))
    Belated birthday wishes to your Husband, who sounds so sweet:)
    I enjoyed reading this post 🙂

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  4. Oh, I love to bake! And, at times, I too go overboard with the measurements. Thankfully, though, none of my cakes have been a disaster. Touchwood. The earlier ones that failed to turn out soft, got devoured as soon as they cooled down, leaving me feeling might chuffed! Once I tried the chocolate cake, and it did turn out perfect, except that I went overboard with the icing part and poured a lot of chocolate – a bit too much. People still loved it because of the gooey mess that it had turned into! Lucky me! 🙂


  5. 220 is too high for a cake, but sometimes do it. First few minutes in 180 and then next few at 200C. Well you can slice the top and serve anytime. It’s only the top that looks weird! Believe me it’s fruit of love, so it’s all fine.


  6. Hahaha!! This sounds so much like my story Naba! I ruin the cake, everytime.. Every single time! I’ve baked a few and they’ve turned to be okay kinds, God bless the person who invented chocolate sauce to hide all the not-so-presentable areas on the cake 😛

    Restaurant hopping is always fun, isn’t it?



  7. I took to baking some 2 years ago and I simply love it. I just don’t experiment while baking. I simply follow the recipe to the T. May be because I have had too many cake disasters initially 😀
    Glad that you had a great birthday outing!


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