#FoodForThought – Shirley Temple Run

  Shirley Temple Run @ Fisherman's Warf, Bangalore © Nom Nom with Naba Sometimes a simple drink is all you need to restart your day. It was Shirley Temple Run for me this weekend, a mocktail since I'm still nursing my daughter. But otherwise, what I wouldn't have done for a Margarita. Tell me, what's that one … Continue reading #FoodForThought – Shirley Temple Run


#RestaurantReview – Tim Tai

To say that I like Chinese, Thai and Asian food would be to say that the sun rises in the east. Yes, an obvious and universal truth that really doesn't have to be spoken out loud. Well, at least to those who know me. Having grown up in Shillong which, trust me, has some of the … Continue reading #RestaurantReview – Tim Tai

‘Sweet’ Talk

As a Bengali, people always assume that I must be crazy about sweets. The much talked about undying love of Bengalis for Roshogulla or mishti doi perhaps is responsible for this. Also since a Bengali is always associated with Kolkata or West Bengal which is known for its penchant for sweets, even sugar in savoury dishes, this perception is … Continue reading ‘Sweet’ Talk

A Cake, Bake & Birthday Story

As a little girl, I remember my mother baking cakes on our birthdays. It was something special, the aroma of cakes and cupcakes teasing our senses while we waited in anticipation. There is something about homemade cakes, they trump even those from the finest of patisseries. I guess all the love and affection that goes … Continue reading A Cake, Bake & Birthday Story