Food And The City


This is my 9th year in Bangalore. The 9th year living in a city away from Mom and hence Mom cooked food as well. Technically though it’s my 13th year away from Mom cooked food but I have stopped counting. 9 or 13, let’s just agree that it’s been way too long. Anyways, one of the things I have done more than anything else after moving to the city is eating out. While living at home or during my college going years, even though I loved my visits to the restaurants, the trips were few and far in between. But living alone in a city changed all that.

Whether it was the aversion to food served in my PG accommodation or just date nights with the husband then boyfriend, eating out became a ritual. And there came a time when I ended up eating out more. The gift of home delivered food didn’t help either. My aversion to cooking blended perfectly with the resources available in the city. And if it were up to me, I would probably have been eating out or ordering in every single day even now. But the husband happened and better sense prevailed. That added to my apartment being located in an almost isolated part of the city where home delivery is still not that regular, helped curb the addiction. So now somehow I have managed to bring down the frequency of outside food. But that doesn’t mean, I’m completely cured. Not that I want to be either.

I still eat out or order in at every available opportunity. And I’m spoilt for choice too.

The best thing about Bangalore is really the variety of places to eat on offer. Of course, I’m talking from the point of view of a foodie here. There is something for everybody. Yes, it is not only the city of pubs. It also has some of the best restaurants in India and the range, if you ask me, is delicious. Did I say delicious? Well, pardon the foodie in me but it’s not really untrue. Let’s just say, you can find just about everything and anything here.


Food And The City - Nom Nom With Naba


From eating into to eating out, Bangalore will surprise you. And this being the start-up capital of our country, the options become diverse and interesting too. From the best of South Indian cuisine to the best of North Indian cuisine, Bangalore has it all. There are joints from the West and even the East of India, North-east included. And there’s representation from every part of the world too. It’s the quintessential foodie heaven. I just love the food scene here, so much so that I wouldn’t willingly want to go and settle in any other city. There’s a level of sophistication here even in the smallest of joints, the crowd and that’s what I love about the city when it comes to food.

For me, thus, Bangalore is the city to be in for a foodie. Which is yours?

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9 thoughts on “Food And The City

  1. I am just the opposite in this….one reason being that my kids fill their little bellies with homemade food more….eating out is just for fun and leaves me worrying that they haven’t eaten well….!


  2. Undoubtedly it is MUMBAI where you get food for every palate that suits every wallet . North south east west , of India and every other country . From haute cuisine to hand cart vendors . Mumbai is the foodie paradise .


  3. NYC. I lived for years in Astoria Queens which also has every food available and is typically a lot less expensive than Manhattan. I grew up in the suburbs of NY but once I went to college etc. I was in the city. I never realized how spoiled I was until I moved out-of-state and live where I have to drive 20 miles to find any restaurant that’s not a chain. I too love eating out. It’s fun. It’s romantic. But I know that around here anyway, it’s no good if I want to stay healthy. But one meal a week… definitely.


  4. Oh! I don’t know if I have a foodie place. Just more that there are certain restaurants here and there that I enjoy, and I always go to those places during a visit.


  5. Bangkok is mine. From street hawkers to fine dining, you can find everything. Though I love Wellington where I live now too. Apparently we have more cafes and restaurants per capita than New York City.


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