Stew & Stories

Stew And Stories

What do you do when you are not well and not in the best of moods? What do you do when coupled with that your little munchkin is down with fever, cough, and cold? What do you do when sleepless nights, nursing your little one, takes everything out of you?

What do you do?

Well, among other things, you make a stew. Or, as in my case, you try to make a stew.

This past weekend was anything but relaxing. Hectic was the word for it really. Between trips to the doctor and pacifying the little one, not much cooking was done. In fact, eating too was something relegated to an activity done when the hunger was unbearable. Five-minute eats, yes, that would be the best way to refer to the meals for the past few days.

But on Sunday, I really wanted to have something comforting. Yes, you are right, I craved for some comfort food. Something different, something good for my aching throat too. That’s when I recalled having seen the old-fashioned chicken stew recipe in Tina’s blog not too long ago. And having some chicken pieces in the freezer, I decided to give it a go. After all, what could a chicken stew rich in buttery goodness not heal?

Now there is something you should know about me. I’m not much of a cook. So, when I try some recipe, there are chances of it going wrong. Occasionally, there have been experiments that, let’s just say, haven’t gone so well. Not that I like to cook or try out recipes often but sometimes the cooking bug does bite me, even if momentarily. It could be after watching a show on television, seeing a recipe on a blog or just on my whim. And when that happens, there’s no surety of the outcome. So, this time too, I didn’t know if the stew would turn out well or not. But there’s no harm in trying, is there? Anything to feel good, I’d say.

Check out the recipe on Tina’s blog here.

So, I tried. Yes, I tried.

But like Tina, I didn’t have carrots or sage, and just decided to go with whatever I have. I switched carrots with some cauliflower florets, though. I didn’t know if that would go well but there’s something inside me which nags at me constantly to take such risks, do something I’m not sure of or even not supposed to, you see. And I did.

Carrying the little one on my lap, I started making the stew. Well, motherhood makes you an expert in one-handed cooking. Don’t trust me, ask any mother.

So, in went the butter and a part of me already started feeling better. Then came the aroma of the chicken marinated in herbs and spices searing, flirting with me almost. It was the turn of the vegetables next. I was already giggling with the little one at that point. A few minutes more of sauteing. Then when everything went in together topped with cream, I knew something heavenly was about to be created. Well, at least, I hoped so. And what do you know, that’s what happened too. I guess not much could go wrong with chicken, butter, potatoes and pepper in the line.

Honestly, I don’t know, if the process of making it was therapeutic or the ritual of eating it afterward. Whatever may be the case, it did cure my blues for the moment.

Well, that was my stew and story for this week.

What’s cooking with you?

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33 thoughts on “Stew & Stories

  1. Believe me, until Bluey was born I didn’t know I was ambidextrous and now I can say I can do everything one-handed too. Such superhuman you have to become when you are a mom. Thank you so much for trying this out and cauliflowers go perfectly with this. i am glad you liked it.

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  2. I’m making a huge batch of butternut squash, ginger and wild rice soup today. It’s an old favourite but I haven’t made it in years. I takes a few hours so this is the only day that I can make it in the near future. I love comfort foods like soups and casseroles!

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  3. Food is always comforting especially when you are sick. Tell me about all crazy forms of cooking when these kids were younger. 🙂 You know substituting is the mantra for all cooking. Try out the recipe and then make changes as per your palate. Hope you all are better now, Naba.

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    • I’m learning, Rachna. Just scared that I’ll ruin the dish with my weird substitutions because I’m the John Snow of cooking, I know nothing 😀
      And thanks, I’m better now . The little one is still having cough but better than before..


  4. I’m going to requote a sentence from this post here : “After all, what could a chicken stew in buttery goodness not heal” – 🙂
    I think the fact that I’m salivating just thinking about it should tell you what I feel about the post.

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  5. Ohh that sounds yum. Cooking doesn’t agree with me, all the hardwork in trying to get it right and an almost inedible mixture is the result. So I’ll just stick with the eating part and ask someone else to do this. Wonderful stew story Naba. 🙂

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