#RestaurantReview – Yauatcha, You Didn’t Impress Me Much

One of the things my husband and I look forward to doing on long weekends or just about any other day is eating out. Well, yes, we are gluttons. There, it’s out in the open now. We really, really enjoy visiting new restaurants or even revisiting our favourite ones over and over again. It is one of those things that we love doing together, a shared hobby, you could say.

This long weekend too wasn’t any different. We had planned to visit three different restaurants on each of the three days. Of course, with an infant at home the three came down to just two. Still, it was better than not being able to go to any. Right?

Unfortunately, though, both the places we visited ended up disappointing us in one way or the other. And here I am today to talk about one.

Yauatcha, Bangalore


I had heard a lot about this restaurant. Actually, I had read about it, all glorious reviews, associating fine dining and Michelin Star with it. So, I wanted to see what the fuss was all about and considering my weakness for dim sums, this was one place I really wanted to visit.

First things first, I don’t think the Yauatcha in Bangalore is a Michelin Star restaurant. I can’t see a mention of it anywhere except in the reviews of folks who visited, them assuming the same. Yes, the one in London’s Soho certainly is but this, I don’t think so. You could correct me if you have any definite information on this. But if it is, well, then Michelin Star must mean a whole different thing from what I understand.


I don’t think a Michelin Star restaurant would seat its patrons at a table which, let’s just say, wasn’t completely steady. Think about it.

Let’s get the positives out of the way first. Shall we?

The food is good. I have no complaints there. But it’s not extraordinary considering I went in there believing it’s something out of the world. I have had some equally good, if not better, Asian food around the world. Even the unassuming Tim Tai  in our neck of the woods is brilliant when it comes to Asian food, dim sums included. In fact, that is one of my favourite Asian Delis in the city. But for Yauatcha even though the food was good, it wasn’t extraordinary especially if you consider the prices, something I will come to later.

The Menu

The food menu there is not that elaborate. You don’t have that many options really. It’s actually quite limited in choice for my taste. But that’s on me because I could have looked into the menu before visiting. So, if you plan to visit, a look at the menu online first is what I would suggest.


Cha La Lai and Kiwi Iced Tea was what we started with. Of course, a variety of drinks were available because unlike the food menu, they have a lot of options in the drinks menu. But we ended up liking only the Kiwi Iced Tea from what we ordered. There was something missing in the other one, though I can’t quite put a finger on what that was.

Food, food and some more food

We ordered the Chicken wrapped in pak choi with Szechuan Sauce as starters and it was good in terms of taste, no doubt about that. But what was disappointing was the portion size, three tiny dim sums for 275/- bucks. Too steep and too stingy for my liking. I’m not sure if that’s what fine dining is about these days, tiny portions priced really high. Actually, even the price is not the issue here though it really should be after all if we are willing to pay, we ought to be served sufficient quantity at least. Three dumplings, three tiny dumplings, as a starter dish is a tad, what’s the word I’m looking for, unacceptable?

Post the starter debacle, for the main course, we ordered, Stir-fry chicken in home-town chilli sauce and spicy vegetable fried rice. Taste wise both were good, not extraordinary but definitely good. However, what disappointed me were again the portions. It was not even enough for two. When I order such dishes, my experience tells me that the quantity should at least be enough for two. But what we were served was barely enough for one. Again, tiny portions priced very high.

We didn’t go for any dessert because by the end of the main course we just wanted to leave.



Well, if Yauatcha, Bangalore really was a Michelin Star restaurant, I think they would lose this status in no time. We had to ask for being served. They didn’t offer to do so by themselves which they should have. Our server was not to be seen for the most part of our meal. In fact, we had to take the second serving ourselves and the server appeared only when we were almost finished. I don’t know about you but I expect better service when I’m charged so much.

Bottom Line

It’s not worth it. When patrons are ready to shell out extra bucks, the food, the portions, service and every single thing needs to be top notch. Yauatcha disappointed in all counts except the taste. It just wasn’t worth it because honestly, I can get the same taste elsewhere too.

The Nom Nom Scale

Food: 3/5

Ambience: 2.5/5

Cost: Rs. 2600 based on what we ordered (including taxes) and we were still kind of hungry at the end of the meal.

Pocket-Friendly: 2/5

Service: 2/5

Worth visiting: Not really but I leave it up to you.

Yauatcha Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Bon Appetite!



5 thoughts on “#RestaurantReview – Yauatcha, You Didn’t Impress Me Much

  1. 3 dim sum for 275 !! what!!! that’s too less by any standard. A Michelin Star restaurant usually mentions it on their board or name … but if it’s not there then I guess probably it’s not.


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