#RestaurantReview – Oye Amritsar


I love eating out. The very idea to me is so appealing that even on the hardest of days, the slightest mention of it, a plan in the making too, manages to bring a smile on my face. What can I say, I just love food. That and I’m terribly lazy when it comes to cooking.

So, this underlying desire to eat good food and the lack of interest in everything that involves cutting, chopping, frying, et al leaves me with only a few options – eating out, ordering in or relying on a not-so-reliant cook. And what do you know, I usually spread out these options evenly all through my week. I’m kind of an expert in that. Let’s put it this way, I’m someone for whom trying out new recipes means eating those dishes at a restaurant. Yes, it has nothing to do with cooking. Yes, well, that’s me!

Anyways, so a week back we had to visit the pediatrician on a Saturday. Going out with an infant during the day means, you practically have no time for yourselves. Even changing into good clothes is a formality and done in a jiffy almost as if you are the flash. So, you can pretty much forget breakfast or even lunch for that matter. That’s what happened with us too. So, by the time everything was done at the clinic, we were starving.

Actually, we were so very hungry that we didn’t even have the energy to think about which restaurant to visit. Well, a growling tummy will do that to you. Thankfully, the clinic was just next to Oye Amritsar, Koramangala and we somehow managed to walk in there without even trying to think.

Why Oye?

Oye Amritsar is that restaurant which we visit when we can’t think of any other option. Or, when there is no reservation at our favourite restaurants. Maybe even the wait is too much for our hungry tummies. So, when hunger exceeds our capacity to drive, wait or think of someplace else, Oye Amritsar becomes the default choice. You can say, it is the safest option when there is no other.

Oye and I.

I have been eating there for over 8 years now. And, tell you the truth, it hasn’t changed much. The decor is the same. It reminds you of simpler times really. But I think it is just the way it is set up, along the lines of a punjabi dhaba. It comes as close to one as it probably can within the city limits. There is something unpretentious about it which I really like. The tables, the dinnerware, everything.

So, if you are looking for a fancy place then Oye Amritsar is not for you. But if you are looking for a very normal setting and some decent Punjabi food then this, my friend, is your go to place.

My picks

The Lassi, of course. You just cannot miss having it. It is probably the best lassi you can get in Bangalore, including even the five-star restaurants. So, that is certainly something.

The Amritsari Macchi and Oye Punjabi Chilli Chicken are my favourites when it comes to starters. For vegetarians, the Hara Masala ka Bhuna Panner is a good option. But to be completely honest with you, I have tried the vegetarian starters only once and that too when a friend had ordered. So, there. But the Dal Makhani or the Dal Tadka they make is to die for. If lentils are something you need in your meal, then you are in safe hands there.

I have tried almost everything from the non-vegetarian main course during my several different visits there. I’d say that while they aren’t bad, they aren’t very good either. Average is what I’d rate their main course as. The Oye Special Raara Kukkad is a good bet, though. However, let’s just say the starters are my favourites there.

The Dessert Menu is very basic but you would expect that considering it is set up like a dhaba. There is not much that could go wrong in the choices that they offer for desserts. My personal favourites are the Gulan Jamun and Jalebi Naal Rabdi.


Oye Amritsar is that type of a place which you won’t regret visiting. Not really unless they are having a very bad day. Satisfied and full are what you’ll probably feel after a visit there. Well, mostly.

So, should you pay a visit?

I’d say yes.

Well, at least, if it’s a simple restaurant experience you are looking for.

The Nom Nom Scale

Food: 3/5

Ambience: 3/5

Cost: Rs. 800 – Rs.1000 without alcohol (approximately including taxes)

Pocket-Friendly: 3/5

Service: 3/5

Worth visiting: Yes

Oye Amritsar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Bon Appetite!

5 thoughts on “#RestaurantReview – Oye Amritsar

  1. Oye Amritsar is your comfort food kind of place especially if you like North Indian food. Even their kadhi chawal or Rajma chawal are so nice. It’s been a while since I went there. Looks like it is time. 🙂

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