Anniversary Brunch At Cafe Mozaic – Vivanta By Taj



In love, we find out who we want to be.

In war, we find out who we are. – Kristin Hannah 

These are the opening lines of the book I’m reading these days. The Nightingale. What can I say, these lines had me hooked from the word go. And now I’m so engrossed in it that I can’t wait to get back to reading it at the end of every single day.

But I’ll write more on the book on the other blog in a few days. Over here, though, I would like to say that in love we really do find out who we want to be. In many ways, I found out who I wanted to be after falling in love with the husband. And since being in love in India is no less than being in a war, I’d say I also found out who I was, who I am.

Of the many, many things I found out about myself, being a foodie was one. Surprise, surprise. Well, not really. But yes, we found out that we love eating out together. That we not only are in love with each other but with food too.

Anniversary, celebration and food – Awesome threesome!

This week, I celebrate a decade of having found the love of my life. These words, the love of my life, sound very over the top or dramatic sometimes, don’t they? Well, to me they do. Maybe I should say, this week I celebrate ten years with a partner with whom I have grown as a person. This week we celebrate ten years of tolerating each other and still willing to carry on for many more years down the line. This week I celebrate ten years of sharing my love for food with my partner. Talk about losing it in love!

Food has always been an integral part of our celebrations.

Well, an anniversary in our household means food. Good food. It means or rather warrants going to our favourite restaurant and having a hearty meal. So, this is what we did this year as well.

As I said, the two of us just love eating out and we celebrated the beginning of our anniversary week with a brunch at Cafe MozaicVivanta by Taj, Bangalore. Well, it took us a week to seal the deal. Hence, the anniversary week, you see. Yes, well, you can read about us here.

Brunch it out!

I have been wanting to have a good brunch for over six months now. Just one of my quirks really. I have dreams of having good food in great restaurants. I’m weird that way. Anyways. So, finally, I had the chance and occasion to have one on our anniversary. It was long overdue, I tell you.

Best Hospitality In Town

One of the things about Taj Hotels is that you needn’t worry about anything once you are with them. Hospitality at it’s best is what you get once you are their guest. We experienced the same when we walked in with our seven-month-old. Not only did they offer to take care of her while we ate but also made sure that I’m comfortable holding a sleeping baby in my arms while eating. Cushions, warm water for the feeding bottle, they made sure we got it all. Well, that was the hospitality part for you. Every time we visit a Taj Hotel or one of their restaurants, we are left with huge grins on our faces.

Much on the Brunch

Coming to the brunch. Cafe Mozaic at Vivanta by Taj hosts one of the best brunches in the city. They have a huge spread. But the important thing is, everything tastes good too. I have been to enough restaurants to know that a huge spread doesn’t necessarily mean good and tasty food. But Taj, as always, doesn’t disappoint.

From starters to drinks, main courses to desserts, there are a lot of choices for you. And knowing these guys, you can be assured that any special request is also promptly taken care of.


Let me just say that it is the most decently priced five-star brunch in the city. You cannot find one that is better. Yes, not only in terms of price but hospitality too.

Food was…

I had so much that I can’t even begin to list every item that I had. Blame it on the exhaustion of taking care of an infant while eating but this much I can say, I liked, rather savoured, the taste of everything that ended up on my plate.

The verdict, my friends, is that you need to try it out once. It is that good!



The Nom Nom Scale

Food: 4/5

Ambience: 4/5

Cost: Rs. 3600 for 2 for buffet without alcohol (approximately including taxes)

Pocket-Friendly: 4/5 (You need to remember it is a Taj Hotel)

Service: 5/5

Worth visiting: Yes

Cafe Mozaic - Vivanta By Taj Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Bon Appetite!

4 thoughts on “Anniversary Brunch At Cafe Mozaic – Vivanta By Taj

    • There were many french and italian options for starters apart from the usual Indian starters. Chats, grilled fish, chicken. Variety of eggs, drinks. we had taken the non alcoholic buffet but there were mocktails. There were too many desserts to mention here, way too many! And for main course there was North & south indian dishes, one or two oriental as well.. I might have missed some too 😊 It’s definitely worth it..


  1. Reading your post, I feel I need to go for a brunch. I have been to very few and this one is now added to the list. That picture shows a red-velvet cake and I am even more tempted 🙂
    Happy 10th once again, Naba. Loved your food-love-story. Hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

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