My Breakfast Story


What do I make for breakfast?

This is a question asked every morning by millions of people around the world. By me, well, not so much.

I’m the quintessential lazy person who rather not enter the kitchen. And on working days, making breakfast doesn’t even feature in my list of todos. If we had breakfast at home, why would there be canteens at offices?

I don’t remember making breakfast for only myself ever. Red tea and some biscuits and off I would go to office. Even now I skip having breakfast on most days because, well, I just don’t like the idea of cooking in the morning.  Early lunch is what I prefer to compensate for that unless mom is at home and making breakfast then is not an issue.

I know, I know skipping breakfast is a horrible thing to do but I never said I was perfect.

I think I get this dislike for making breakfast from my mom. Ask her to cook anything and she’ll do it happily but it’s making breakfast that  annoys her to the core. As a kid I remember, she would happily make aloo shiddo bhat most days for breakfast and feed us herself. Bread or anything else was not liked very much at our household. Breakfast was something to be quickly done with and in the easiest way possible. Everything else, lunch, evening snacks or dinner, was an elaborate affair, not to be toyed with.

But she strangely likes making different items for my husband for breakfast. Wonder what that’s all about? Son-in-law love, I guess.

If we had breakfast at home, why would there be canteens at offices?

Anyways. I think I still have that in me, a reluctance to spend too much time thinking about and making breakfast.

But having said that, if I could, I’d love having an English breakfast spread daily. And yes, poori sabji too. Sometimes I order the same thing for breakfast for days on end at the office canteen. Sunny side up, poha, upma, aloo parantha and poori sabzi ,these are just some of my favourite breakfast items. Sometimes spaghetti too.

Do you know I love having breakfast in resorts and hotels the most? Yes, because there’s so much to choose from. I love the idea of roaming around and selecting what I want to eat. Oh the joy of the huge breakfast spread is something else altogether.

Basically as long as someone else makes breakfast, I love spending time on it!

However, there are also days, once in a while that is, when I wake up with this intense desire to make something nice for that first meal of the day. Ofcourse, most, actually all of these days come during weekends when there’s ample time and no possibility of an office canteen. But let me tell you, this willingness to cook is a phenomenon which is rare as rare can be. On most weekends, I’m just a clueless mess dreading even the thought of making breakfast.

My talent only lies in craving for and eating food; in cooking, not so much

But I realise there is really no escaping from this. Eventually when my daughter grows up, I’ll have to make breakfast at least for her. So, I might as well start now.

When the reluctant cook makes breakfast.

Oh did I mention, my talent only lies in craving for and eating food; in cooking, not so much? It took me 3 years to master the art of roti making, so you can guess how adept I’m in using my instincts in the kitchen. But in the dining room, well, I’m awesome!

So, basically, I’m just an average cook but an excellent foodie. Hence, when anything I make turns out good, it’s twice the celebration really. Today, was one of those days. A perfect Sunday brunch by yours truly.

Today after months, I made masala dosa and chutney and luckily it wasn’t bad either. Ofcourse the batter was readymade but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard work, does it? No, Sir!

Well, enough about my reluctance, eh?

That was my breakfast story. Tell me yours.

11 thoughts on “My Breakfast Story

  1. You probably just echoed my thought.. I am not much of a breakfast person either. Infact, I just cant get myself to prepars an elaborate one in the morning, coupled with the fact that I need to get the kids ready for school, pack their tiffine, and the usual chores of the morning, I often just opt for quick fixes…. eggs, sandwiches, porridge etc…. But yes, being a south Indian, the Dosa barter is always a stock in my fridge. ANd trust me they are the quickest thing to make when nothing else comes to your mind.

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  2. hehe Yep, wait for her to grow up a bit. For me weekdays are simple, mostly eggs in various forms for everyone except Thursdays when it is idlis, dosas or parathas. Weekends are more leisurely. Upma, poha, dosas etc. Thinking of waffles and pancakes too. Sometimes I even make jowar roti or besan roti with sabzi. Depends on the food. I love eating and hence I cook because most times I hate eating out. 😀

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  3. hehehe you sound just like me. I never make breakfast on weekdays… there’s just no time … but on weekends we make it a point to cook brunch… Big english breakfast or simple Kanda Poha…
    Dosa and Chutney looks yumm.

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  4. Usually, I’m making breakfast and lunch at the same time! I love cooking and trying out new dishes is something I love.

    So while I’m having my lunch set, I work on the breakfast. Weekdays it usually is poha, upma, dhokla, dosa, idly etc etc. Weekends I indulge and take advantage of the time. It’s idiappam and kadla curry, akki/ragi rotti, chole bhature, poori baaji etc etc.

    I’m guilty for having missed breakfast most of my growing up years, that’s because I’m more often than not late for school/college/work. But I’m more than making up for it now.

    Congrats on the new blog Naba. Welcome, to the foodie side 🙂

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  5. Same story here Naba! when I’m feeling very lazy i make a huge batch of dosa/idly batter and serve it up in different ways all through the week. I think I can eat dosa all year through! Btw, yours looks delicious and the chutney too!

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

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  6. I guess that with braces, my options are limited to just dosa, sandwiches and porridge. And yes, pancakes . Maybe pancakes will make you love preparing breakfast? It’s quite easy to make, and the flavours can be changed as per your wishes!

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  7. Ditto to everything you said Naba. That was me exactly till the kids came along. The husband and I thrived on bread and eggs. But after the kids how I changed! I learnt to cook. I learnt to make porridge, aaloo paranthas, idlis, dosas and all kinds of sandwiches oh and even fresh juice somedays. And suddenly the husband and I have become breakfast people too. That’s not to say I can cook well, but I get by. However I still like my cold glass of milk and an apple best of all on the days that I’m on my own.

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  8. I am lazy but breakfast has been important to me. Main reason being, I get hungry too soon and I need to eat something before I step out. Else, my sugar levels dip :/
    Whatever may be the reason – muesli, cornflakes or egg in any form with bread works. Recently, my help at home was delegated breakfast and she is doing a great job – now we eat upma, poha, broken wheat, namkeen sevai, chilla on most days a week. Thank God, I have her 😉

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  9. I am not of a cook too and I can say I have despised cooking. I started cooking (in real terms) when I gave up working and started staying at home 3 years back. At that time we were living in UK and since we are vegetarians we had absolutely no options to eat outside. To eat south indian food, we had to travel for 1 hour by train to reach Manchester and from Manchester city centre it used to take another 30-40 minz by tram to reach the only South Indian Restaurant. The first year of cooking was difficult. Now I realise the only meal which I really like to make is breakfast. It can be elaborate too. Dinner is the meal I detest making. I cannot simply cook (or do anything else) after it gets dark. After dark I only like to read.


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