Bon Appetite

There is no love sincerer than the love of food. – George Bernard Shaw


Good food and good mood, always go hand in hand.


There’s not one bad day which some good food can’t cure.


There are days when all I can think about is food. Sometimes after a hard day’s work or an impossibly long day, all that I need is something awesome on my plate. And like magic it turns that frown upside down. Comfort food, gourmet dishes, savoury or sweet, I love them all. Basically, I love food!


You can’t possibly be born into a Bengali family and not love food or eating for that matter. We Bengalis love our food. In fact, we love it so much that it forms an integral part of our lives. From aloo shiddo bhat (steam rice with mashed potatoes) to fish kalia, eating is not just something we do to survive. It is a way of life. So, is it really a surprise that I’m no different either?


Let you in on a secret? Most of my time on Instagram is spent looking at pictures of food! On television too, if not Game Of Thrones or Orphan Black, you can be sure that I’m watching a food show! No, not to learn how to cook, just to admire the food.


I’m no cook, not by any degree. No, sir. But I can eat.


Actually, one of my favourite pastimes is eating out. And if there’s no time for that then ordering in is something I do often. Cooking is just what I do out of necessity when my cook is on leave or occasionally out of interest. The latter, I should tell you, is a rare, rare phenomenon. And honestly, I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


But nevertheless, I start this blog today as a way to journal everything about food in my life. All my food stories, experiences, and anecdotes, everything here.


Join me on this journey, won’t you?


Nom nom then!



20 thoughts on “Bon Appetite

  1. It truly is amazing when you can relax and watch a movie, with a bowl of pasta in hand, and a glass of Ice Tea within reach!

    Foods tend to have their own personality, just like us human beings. And it’s great that you have set out on a journey to describe these beautiful people on your new blog. Many congratulations, and all the best😃

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  2. I love food, I love to cook and I love to eat. My dream is to travel the world and taste food across the world. I totally get you!! Eating before cooking!! Yes dream come true.
    All the best and congratulations.

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